About "Just Movies"

Hi everyone and welcome. The title explains exactly what this blog is about, just movies. I wanted to create a fun place for anything and everything dealing with the wonderful world of movies. There will be movie news, reviews, pictures and lots more. So stick around the movie is about to start.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

     Well here is my first post. For my first entry I have decided to explain a little more about what I
hope to do in this blog. I love watching movies, whether it's going to the movie theater, renting a movie from Netflix or watching one on TV. So in this blog I will be doing my own movie reviews, you might be wondering why you should read my reviews and not someone who professionally reviews movies for a living. Well I find that whenever I decide to watch a movie I don't really listen to what the critics have to say. For me at least, I find that the best reviews come from my friends and family. In my opinion movies have been made for us, the "moviegoers," and we seem to know which ones are the best. My goal is to start off by doing at least one review every 2 weeks. I am not only going to review new movies, but I am also going to review older movies and ones that are already out on DVD.

     Now besides movie reviews I also want to try and have some fun trivia, pictures, and news about upcoming movies on this blog. Another fun thing I plan on doing is what I call "movie marathons." For example this year I have decided to watch one scary movie every day for 60 days leading up to Halloween. I thought this would be a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. So throughout the year I might do little marathons like 10 days of Romance for Valentine's Day, or something similar. I also what to hear what you guys have to say. Whether it's a fun fact about a movie, a mini review of film you saw, or comment about your own "movie marathon."

     So I hope that this blog sounds interesting to you, and I also hope that you will come back and check out what I ahve to say. I want this to be a fun and interesting blog where you can get a great recommendation for a movie, a silly fact about your favorite film or some great news about an upcoming movie event. So without any further adieu grab the popcorn and let's start the show.